Dontavius Jarrells is proud to be endorsed by the Franklin County Democratic Party, public servants, and advocacy organizations:

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty



Danny O’Connor — Franklin County Recorder

Maryellen O’Shaughnessy — Franklin County Clerk of Courts

Cheryl Brooks Sullivan — Franklin County Treasurer

Kathleen Clyde — Portage County Commissioner

State House

Kristin Boggs – State Representative, District 18

Erica Crawley – State Representative, District 26

Allison Russo – State Representative, District 24

Richard Brown – State Representative, District 20

Dr. Beth Liston – State Representative, District 21

Terrence Upchurch — State Representative, District 10

Brigid Kelly — State Representative, District 31

Sedrick Denson — State Representative, District 32


Hearcel Craig — Senator, District 15

City Council

Shannon Hardin — President, Columbus City Council

Liz Brown — President Pro Tem, Columbus City Council

Emmanuel Remy — Columbus City Council

Councilman Rob Dorans — Columbus City Council

Councilwoman Shayla Favor — Columbus City Council

Angie Smith Jenkins — President, Reynoldsburg City Council

Shanette Strickland — Reynoldsburg City Council

Meredith Lawson Rowe — Reynoldsburg City Council

Kristin Bryant — Reynoldsburg City Council

Stacie Baker — Reynoldsburg City Council

Lori J. Elmore — Whitehall City Council

School Board

Dr. Tina Pierce — Columbus City School Board

Beryl Piccolantonio — President, Reynoldsburg City School Board

City Attorney

Michael T. Bivens — Whitehall City Attorney

Organization Leaders

Jen House — President, Ohio Young Democrats

Antoinette Willis — President, Ohio Young Black Democrats

Latyna Humphrey — President, Central Ohio Young Black Democrats

Lucy Frank — President, Franklin County Young Democrats

Denny Wojtanowski — Executive Director, Lead Ohio & Former State Representative

Steve Dettelbach — Former US Attorney & Candidate for Ohio Attorney General